1) All training courses must be paid for in full. Once you have filled out your online booking form you will have 24 hours to pay your balance. If you fail to pay you will be sent an email telling you that due to non payment your course has been cancelled. Please not that the cost of the course is a non – returnable booking fee. (Please see T&C 37)
2 You can reschedule your training day one time due to illness. A doctors letter maybe required.
3) If you fail to show up to your training day your course fee wont be refunded, as all payments are non – returnable booking fees.
4) Under the Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013 you have a 14-day cooling off period, where you can cancel your training course and be paid back any money that has been paid. To cancel your training day this must either be done in writing or in an email. However, once the training course has been delivered if within the 14 days you are not entitled to any refunds & if the pre-course training manual has been sent to you no refunds can be given as this is the start of your course.
5) Please be aware that I and any educators reserve the right to cancel a training day last minute and to reschedule at no extra cost to you.
6) Students need to wear appropriate clothing and foot wear on your training day. No fashion jewellery, no high heels, no low-cut tops and no nail extensions. This is all for health and safety reasons. Please wear comfortable clothing and have your hair up if possible.
7) Certificates can not be issued until all case studies have been assessed by myself.
8) Beauty with Charley Training Academy advises students to practice at least 10 times on family members and friends to gain more confidence in your chosen service.
9) All non-refundable booking fees must be paid within 24 hours as dates can not be held.
10) Tea, coffee and bathroom facilities will all be provided for on your training day, you will be asked to bring your own food on full training days.
11) All students are expected to abide by all the health and safety polices and conduct themselves in a professional manner.
12) If a student turns up under the influence of drink or drugs they will be asked to leave the training course. This will result in them not doing the training day and having to still pay for the course.
13) If the training day is a 1-2-1 the student will be required to bring a model with them. If there are more than 1 student on the course, then you will be required to work on each other. If you are struggling to get a model then Beauty with Charley Training Academy will advertise on social media asking for a client, however this does not guarantee that a client will be found. For nail courses a training hand can be used as a replacement of a client
14) If you have a complaint regarding your course, then this must be done ASAP to Charlotte Selvey the owner of Beauty with Charley Training Academy. This can not be done once you have received your certificate. Review forms are asked to be filled out by our students this is, so any negative feedback can be acted on quickly.
15) Please make sure you have read and understood the privacy policy.
16) You will be expected to turn up to your course on time. All educators are available if you need them at least 30 minutes before the course starts
17) You will be required to show any prior certificates if a pre-requisite is needed for your training course
18) If you are doing a course that requires a patch test to be done on your model you will either have to, ask your model to go to your educators home/training room to be patch tested, or you can buy a tinting kit via Beauty with Charley Training Academy before your course or if you already have a trade account for beauty products you can select your own tinting, glue or lash lift kits.
19) All products and manuals are provided for on the day, if there is a product you would like your educator to look at for you then please feel free to bring it along.
20) Sometimes you the student maybe asked to print your own manual, this will depend on whether your educator has excess to a printer.
21) Your educator will send you a welcome email to confirm course details etc, if the course is booked last minute you maybe asked to print off your own training manual.
22) Course prices are subject to change at any time
23) All course manuals at time of writing have up to date information. Industry regulations do change, if this happens your educator will inform you on your training day.
24) If an educator is travelling to your salon or home, the cost of petrol and parking will be required
25) If you wish to bring your own products with you, they must be from a registered beauty supplier where you can ask for COSHH sheets if needed. Bringing your own products does not lower the cost of the course
26) All self-assessment questions papers must be filled out on the original print out. I can not expect screen shots. If needed they will have to be posted to me. This also applies for case study forms
27) When on a eyelash, tinting or nail course please make sure you have no nail extensions, gel polish or eyelash extensions on if required to work on other students/clients. When working on other students/clients please note that any contra-indications will prevent the practice treatment from going a head, you must let Beauty with Charley Training Academy know ASAP.
28) When cancelling a course written notice must be given 5 days prior to your course. This will allow time for your course date to be moved one time only.
29) Please make sure you have read the course description regarding how many case studies need to be done.

30)If teaching a course to one therapist in their salon a 20% fee will be added to the course price, if teaching to more then one therapist this charge does not apply.

31) On your online booking form you can either pay via Cash, Card Reader or BACS, If you opt for cash or card reader then an agreed time must be made that suits both parties an invoice will be sent to your email address that is on the online booking form. If you are paying via BACS you will get a email from myself with bank details

32) Case studies need to be completed 8 weeks from your training course date, extra time can be given but its your responsibility to arrange this with Beauty with Charley Training Academy

33) If you fail to complete your case studies and haven’t asked for extra time then your training course becomes void, this means if you want to gain your diploma with Beauty with Charley Training Academy you will need to rebook and pay the balance in full again. If you rearrange a new date for completion of your case studies and you miss the deadline without informing me before hand then your course will become void.

34) Your course can not be given to another person, example another student can not attend in your place who ever has booked and paid for the course it is them that must attend.

35) You the student are responsible for making sure you have paid the correct postage when posting out your case studies, if any additional  fees are charged such as postage fees from  Royal Mail or petrol to my local Post Office (Leominster)  to Beauty with Charley Training Academy you the student will be responsible for paying them. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you.

36) Replacement certificates are £15 each this covers any admin, postage and travel costs

37) If paying by cash on the day, please be aware that if payment is not received your training course will be cancelled and you will still owe Beauty with Charley Training Academy the balance in full.